Planning your website relaunch to hit your biz goals in 2022

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I thought that just by adding a couple of new pieces my problems would disappear.

Well, turns out it only added to the confusion!

It’s the age-old dilemma – a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear.

(I’m sure you ladies out there can relate; maybe not the guys so much – but hear me out, I’ll get to the point in a minute)

You see, my wardrobe was full of things like…

  • Old favourites that I knew had really passed their use-by date (but they were easy)
  • A few items that really didn’t fit that well (but such a pretty colour)
  • And many others that looked promising in the fitting room, but really didn’t ‘fit’ in the scheme of things

And adding those new random pieces just highlighted the fact that I really didn’t have a scheme at all!

-> Which brings me to the point of this little ramble and what it could possibly have to do with your website (thanks for sticking with me so far!) …

You need to step back and reassess your goals and what’s working and what’s not working on your website – before just jumping in and adding new s%*t

I find most websites are in one of two general states:

  • They’ve been added to and added to over the past couple of years and have become a real mishmash of out-of-date content and hard-to-navigate pages; or
  • They haven’t been updated in at least a year so are also plagued by out-of-date content as well as out-of-date plugins (which are a huge security risk)

And worst of all, their owners aren’t aware of things like:

  • How much traffic their website is getting
  • How and where their traffic is coming from, or
  • What people are searching for to find them and that they are actually ranking on page 47 of search results for those terms because their eyes glazed over when they heard the term ‘keyword research’


So yes, you’ve probably got some old favourite pages lurking – they may have been useful in the past but are they really adding any value (or do they just make you look bad, like those daggy old t-shirts in my closet)?

And all those colours (prrrretyyyy!) – do they really fit with your business branding?

Then there’s that new product you launched last July that didn’t really take off – it was a great idea at the time, but really doesn’t fit your new direction, does it?

So, getting back to the point…

It all starts with goals! And making plans! (Yeah yeah, boring I know)

But never fear, I’ve got a couple of things to make it easier for you…


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