Website Hosting & Maintenance


We use A Class servers located in Australia


Regular updates ensure your site remains secure


Regular backups are essential – just in case!


Phone and email support included in all plans

The launch of your new website is just the beginning…

We hope you’ll stick around, because we’d love to continue to support you and help your business grow.

Your website isn’t a set-and-forget thing

Firstly, it takes time and ongoing effort for your website to appear in search results rankings. This usually involves things like  updating content, posting blogs, and creating backlinks and citations. Find out more about SEO services here.

Keeping your website safe and secure

The software components used to develop your website are constantly being updated to not only add new features and bug fixes, but to combat the ever-present threat all websites face of security breaches and malware attacks. Your website needs regular maintenance to ensure all updates are applied, backups are current, and no nasties have found their way in!

We offer Website Care Packages for all our website clients, starting with our Essentials which, as the name suggests, provides the essential support services that all WordPress websites need.

Note: We don’t offer stand-alone website hosting as we believe ongoing care is so important, but we do offer stand-alone Care Plans if you have your own hosting.

Let Simply Savvy take care of everything for you with a Website Care Plan to suit your needs

Essentials Care Plan

Along with all the regular software updates, backups, and security checks your website needs, you will receive a monthly care report, priority email tech support PLUS access to a range of training videos so you can learn how to take charge of your own content updates whenever you want!

Essentials PLUS Care Plan

Everything in the Essentials plan PLUS website analytics tracking and reporting, and one hour of consulting per month to help keep your website on track to reach your goals with additional support, training, and/or website updates.

Ready to get on board?

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