About Simply Savvy Web

Simply Savvy’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the power to project the best version of themselves to the world with a website they’ll love.

On top of this, we ensure it’s based on the latest digital strategy, planned for peak performance and packed with technical features that not only looks great but actually works!

Where It All Began…

I’ll let you into a secret; my career in IT was kick-started by a chance raffle win in 1989!

It may sound surprising, but back then I lacked belief that I could learn about computing. You see, after dropping out of school at the age of 14 I was convinced I would never get into uni to study. Little did I know that winning a computer would be the catalyst that changed all this!

Before that raffle win I was a practising beauty therapist and had my first foray into entrepreneurship with my own salon in the Pilbara where I lived for a few years in my 20s. I loved the creative aspects of beauty, especially working with nails and makeup, and my nail work drew people from near and far.

From beauty to IT may seem an unlikely leap but that raffle win changed everything. As the excited owner of a shiny new computer, I enrolled at the local TAFE to learn how to use it. My tutor could see the TAFE course just lit my fire and encouraged me to apply to study at Murdoch University. Twelve years and two kids later I graduated with my Computer Science degree and officially entered the world of IT.

My Catalyst For Change

By 2015 I’d spent 20+ years as an IT professional, with a safe pathway to retirement ahead of me. But after hitting the big five-o I was restless, knowing that I wasn’t happy to wait around in an uninspiring job for that magical day in the distant future when I could finally start doing all the things I’d been wanting and yearning to do.

So I decided to “redefine retirement” by creating a biz for myself that I would enjoy and continue to do for as long as I wanted – something that I was not just waiting to retire from, but would also allow me the freedom to follow my passion to travel the world; that’s what really lights the fire in my belly!

Simply Savvy Was Born

With no real plan, not a lot of business sense and no money I resigned from my stable local government job and jumped into my own business! I began offering IT solutions and support but soon realised a vital piece of my puzzle was still missing…creativity!

It wasn’t long before I found the perfect fusion of these skills in website design! It’s here I mix my creative flair with the technical know-how of IT to create beautiful websites that deliver on their promise. This became my happy space and Simply Savvy Web Solutions was born.

What I Believe, Now and Always

The world of work has changed; the traditional notion of ‘retirement’ is becoming outdated and entrepreneurship is now more accessible to all, thanks to the internet. Living longer is the norm, which means we have the power to build a business and lifestyle that works for us now and into the future.

I believe that technology and the internet is the enabler for these new opportunities, and it’s my passion to help you navigate the online world so that you can feel confident and capable in making positive change for yourself and others.

Ready to get started?

Great! Just send through my Website Enquiry form to get the ball rolling, then we’ll tee up a free initial discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.