VIP Design Day

How does a full day focussed solely on your business sound?

Be a VIP for a Day

Book me and I’m all yours for a whole day!

If you’re like most people, you’ve got an ever-growing wish list of all the things you want to fix or add to your website, or even learn how to do yourself:

  • Updating out-of-date content or adding new pages
  • Creating a landing page or fixing your sales funnel
  • Adding an online course or membership
  • Getting an online shop set up to sell your products online

And many, many other things that you just never seem to find the time to do!

Whatever it is you need help with, let’s get that website to-do list hammered out once and for all.

How does it work?

We start with a pre-session questionnaire and clarity call, so that we can head into the day prepared for action.

I’ll be doing all the work, but to ensure everything runs smoothly you’ll need to be available for contact and feedback throughout the day.

With 7 days follow-up support for any questions related to work completed, you’ll be all set.

Ready to get started?

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