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Robyn E. Gibson

Project Details

Client: Robyn E. Gibson

Date: August 2021

Skills: Website redesign


Project Description

Introducing: Robyn E Gibson – Transformation Teacher, Quantum Hypnotherapist, and creator of the Conscious Light Energy Healing program.

I began working with Robyn some time ago and her website has gone through a couple of evolutions, starting with a simple membership site for her series of visual guided meditations. Robyn’s website is now a learning platform with energy healing courses teaching energy healing practices from beginner Healer to Teacher/Master level.

Robyn has been the perfect student, going all-in to learn many different skills, and never afraid to give it a go, so while Simply Savvy created the original website and more recently added the LMS capability, Robyn has worked hard to make it her own.

Robyn is offering a free introductory course, Activate Your Intuition, which is perfect to help increase self-awareness and deepen the connection with your higher intuitive self. Click the link below to enrol for free. 

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